Architects and designers from P.P. Architects s.r.o. will make any architecture design and project documentation for you – from small renovation to extensive investment construction. We offer complete services of architectural studio and designer office.

Members of our team have many years of work. Everybody has rich experience with architecture and design work. Of course, we help with handling the necessary permits and paper work so we can offer customers complete service, design and high quality of a good work.

We offer complete drawings and project documentation including building services engineering and author´s technical supervision that will make sure that your project is going to be what you desire. Starting point for us is individual approach for every project. In long time term we also work with professionals of statics, building physics, technologic, outdoor design, artists, designers etc.

Your design doesn’t need to be limited. Just come to us with your design or reconstruction vision and we will take care of its design and realization. We are consulting with clients and we are trying to find a solution, which will suits you perfectly. Our architects and designers will do both small and large projects, new buildings and reconstruction, renovation of cultural monuments, changes in interior and public space.

We look forward to working together.